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➻Next Year➻Asalam u alaiqum (peace be upon you) Beautiful people 
How you doing! I hope you are doing well.
➺❥Lets talk about my goals that I wanted to do in this year for blog and for life. Few months back I won a Liebster Award, in which I have a question to answer, If you were to name three goals for your blog to achieve this year, what would they be...
First Goal
I will love to built bunch of people who love to stay connected with me not for just visiting.This was amazing. Last year, when I started my blog I did not think that this is sharing thoughts online world wide, yep believe me. I honestly was writing for myself. I did not have any follower or reader. Slowly when I fully got into, I started reading other blogs and finding out my mistakes that I have been doing. I do not have a follower numbers or many comments but I am proud to say that I do have 50 bunches of beautiful people who love to reads every time I upload one. This makes me so thankful that at least I am not a loner ha-ha. Seriously thank you for being here. Thank you for staying connected with me and not for just visiting.
Second goal
At the moment I am only posting every week would love to do twice/thrice a week (which I am finding it very hard)

I did try to upload twice a week but failed to continue. I find it very hard. I see many of my buddy bloggers who are keeping up. A big high fives to you' I know it takes a lot of courage to do. Although it seems very hard for myself to continue does not mean I will stop trying.
Third goal
Third goal of mine is to start my small business shop (-: (thou I am very nervous about it but if you lovely people give me your support and suggestions it will give me motivation) the profit will go towards my charity chain. These three months are going to be very productive.
As you already know and for the one who don't know that few months back, I started my YouTube channel because I really wanted to capture the designing ideas in the video so I can look back to find out my mistakes and get better. Moreover, definitely these passed months were very productive for me. I am working towards my mini business too. There are things that I am working on secretly. Have been thinking, designing and writing down in my journal. This is what I really wanted to do since 2011. Somehow, time manages to stop me. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Therefore, I reminded myself everyday to Be Patient Be Positive. Yes, I truly live by these two words. I want to spread these words as long as I live. I know I have been thinking and it is time to start. I do think that I am ready but deep down there is a thought that says not yet. I have to do this all by myself so I do not want to rush it. I want to be fully prepared and make this "not yet" feeling go away. Beginning is the hardest. Foundation is the very hardest part, more time spend on that then any other floor. The foundation is the hardest part to lie down but once you do then it is easy then the bricks go on very fast.
My YouTube channel name is Annie Omar Thoughts so I have also created my official Instagram Page with the same name - annieomarthoughts.
You can follow if you like; I will share my mini business products soon. Once I fully prepared In Sha Allaah(If Allaah wills) I will be going to launch my online shop too. Any guesses what my products are going to be O>O would love to read your thoughts in comment section ((: I am very excited about this. In future, I hope to see you along with me to this journey too. Thank you for reading beautiful people
Always ~Be Patient Be Positive~ A♡O

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  1. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Just thought I would stop by after coming across your blog and tell you it's AMAZING keep up the good work




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