One in a million beautiful view


Asalam u alaiqum (peace be upon you) Beautiful people ♡
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8th July 2017 at 8pm
I was feeding my outdoor cat name Kitty. Some time I also call her suno. As I was walking inside I saw a patch of red shade on one side of the walkway and a normal light on another side. I got a little worried and when I looked at the sky this happened. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Half side of the sky covered with dark stormy clouds; the other half covered with shining blue clouds. Moreover, in the middle covered with gorgeous sunset colour. I am calling it One in a million view, "the miracle of the sky." I know it probably happened many times around the world but personally, for me it was the first time. Honestly, it was so emotional and magical moment for me. The camera do not justify the moment my eyes experienced!

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